2017 Kaia Zinfandel and Jaksaa Reserve Wines from Dudley Vineyard

Welcome to Dudley Vineyard!

Welcome to Dudley Vineyard and The Olio Vacation Rental in Paso Robles, CA! Our flagship Kaia Zin and Jaksaa Reserve wines are near ready for public purchase...If you're interested in being one of the few to be able to purchase our wines and support Jaksaa.org we ask that you send us an email to  DudleyVineyard@gmail.com or visit us in California to pick up your allotment!

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Ready to visit and wake up on Dudley vineyard?

Ever Sleep On A Vineyard?

Wine Country vacation rental in Paso Robles California

Dudley Vineyard is a 2-acre vineyard in Paso Robles, CA.  Located an hour north of Santa Barbara and in the middle of LA and San Francisco, Paso Robles' diverse wine country features nearly 300 vineyards including ours.  Built on Zinfandel starting with the Paso Robles grape growers in the late 1800s, our vacation rental sleeps up to 10 in a 4 bed/4 bath home overlooking our vineyard and hundreds of acres vineyards surrounding.  

Visit www.OlioPaso.com for more info!

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Kaia Zinfandel


Small batch production (less than 800 bottles) of Zinfandel from Dudley Vineyard in the heart of wine country in Paso Robles, CA.  If you're interested in this amazing first vintage let us know how many bottles and your shipping address at DudleyVineyard@gmail.com 

Jaksaa Reserve


Extremely limited (Less than 350 Bottles total!!!) of our blend of Zinfandel from Dudley Vineyard and neighboring Petit Verdot.  If you're interested in this amazing first vintage let us know how many bottles and your shipping address at DudleyVineyard@gmail.com


How To order! If you live in California, We'll deliver! Shipping for others starts in the fall of 2019.

Who We Are


Kory - The Wine Baron

Kory has finagled working with some of the amazing winemakers from Paso Robles to learn the craft and is also "working" to visit all 300 wineries in Paso Robles in the spirit of "research" since moving to Paso.


Baby Winemaker - Kaia

She may be new to this world at just two-years-old, but she's a winemaker or possibly a Sommelier at heart. Her ability to smell a bouquet is uncanny (though with zero descriptive results) in that she knows to sniff like a champ whenever a glass is presented to her. More importantly she's the energy and inspiration behind our daily grind to build a legacy in Paso Robles.


The Wine Maven and The Jaksaa Maven

The Wine Maven, Cathy (on the right), is the CEO of the amazing of The Olio and Dudley Vineyard and is focused on the growth of Dudley Vineyard and The Olio in Paso.   

The inspiration behind the Jaksaa Blend, Ironman Saila Hanninen's positivity (on the left) and stubbornness in times of adversity, and her drive embody everything that we hope our wine is; Amazing, Successful, and Stubborn enough to accept nothing less than the best.  A portion of the proceeds from both Dudley Vineyard's wines benefit her foundation, www.Jaksaa.org. 

The Dudley Vineyard Pups


The Vineyard Pups - CiCi and Arthur

Losing Dudley was tough but thankfully we found two "hardworking" (ie great at sleeping) pups to continue Dudley's legacy. Arthur, on the right, is a dead-ringer for Dudley. Born in California with parents who never let him inside for his for two years of life while filled with tons of tick bites and well underweight.  CiCi, on the left, we met in LA after she was brought back from a life on the streets of China where she was tied up with a metal lead stuck through her skin requiring multiple surgeries all the while giving birth to a litter. But these two pups are amazing with each other, BabyWinemaker and us while being so positively happy, enthusiastic and remind us daily how opposites attract. Today they're living in the lap of luxury in Paso Robles with acres of land and daily visits from the deer taunting them in their backyard.


Want some wine?! Just tell us your email, how many bottles and where you want them delivered and we'll do our best to get the rights to ship to your location! Your email will help us to determine how best to achieve a license to ship to your state if we don't have it already.